Can Copywriting Make You Rich?

Yes. Copywriting can make you rich. You can earn six figures from copywriting and the top 1% of copywriters even make 7 figures incomes.

I’ve made over 7 figures myself.

But if you don’t understand this one fundamental detail, you’ll never get rich as a copywriter.

Keep reading.

Freelance Copywriter or An In-House Copywriter?

If you think you’re going to get rich working for someone…you’d be right.

You’re always working for someone.

If you’re in-house, you’re working for a company.

If you’re a Freelance Copywriter, you’re working for clients.

If you’re a content creator, you’re working for fans who are just thousands of mini-clients.

Do you know the ONE key difference between these?


You’ll never get rich as a copywriter by selling your time.

So if you want to make the big bucks, you either need to Freelance, become a content creator or both.

Getting paid salary is not the path to riches.

How Copywriting Made Me Rich

My biggest month as a copywriter was $50,000 per month on Twitter (now X).

At the time of writing this article, I’m at $250,000 per month.

Now, it wasn’t always like this.

I was a college dropout who used to work at Domino’s pizza.

I had to teardown all my limiting beliefs and create these 3 mindset shifts.

Once I followed these 3 shifts, everything clicked.

If it worked for me, it can work for you too.

1. Going from $0 to $1.

This is hard.

You see people posting large numbers online of what they're making and you don't know if it's all a big scam or if it's actually possible.

You've been conditioned to think the only path to success is a 4 year college degree, hope you land a high paying job, and climb the corporate ladder for 10 years to get promoted.

But I challenge you to do everything in your power to make $1 from the internet.

Because once you do, everything changes.

I promise you, if you can make $1, you can make more.

And there is no better feeling.

2. Going from $1 to $10,000 a month

You can make $1 doing anything.

But to hit $10,000 a month, you need to realize that the amount of money you make is proportional to the amount of value you provide to the market.

When you understand that the bigger the pain you solve for people, the more money you make, you can look at what problems people have and learn a skill that solves it.

So, learn a skill, package it into an offer, and offer that solution to people in pain.

When trying to make your first $10,000 a month, you need to niche down your copywriting services.

For me, that was Social Media Ghostwriting.

Not sure what that is, watch this:

3. Going from $10,000 a month to $100,000 a month.

This boils down to understanding the power of leverage.

Sure you can make $100,000 a month with yourself and a skill, but it's extremely difficult.

Using different forms of leverage makes this much easier.

Leverage is the ability to do more using less.

For example:

Low leverage is working a job because the input and output is 1 to 1.

You work 1 hour, you get $20.

High leverage is creating a course, book, or video because the input and output is 1 to infinite.

You build it once but you can sell infinite copies at no extra effort.

Even If You Don’t Get Rich

Even if you don’t get rich from being a copywriter, there are things waiting for you on the other side of the 9-5.

#1. Freedom

I went from working 84 hours a week in the freezing cold as an electrician to traveling to places like Dubai, Colombia, and Panama.

I can hop on a plane whenever and be in another country without asking my boss for vacation or time off.

You can do the same when you don’t rely on one company to pay you a salary.

#2. Incredible Experiences

One dream of mine was to buy a Tesla.

I eventually made enough money to afford one but by then I didn’t care.

It’s better to take the money you earn so you can buy back time and invest into experiences.

Getting in-shape didn’t make me confident.

Getting a boatload of money didn’t make me happy.

If I Had To Start Over

1) I’d Choose Social Media Ghostwriting.

So incase you didn’t watch the video from earlier, ghostwriting is when you take over someone’s social media account like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, pretend to be that person, and write their content with the goal of either:

• Growing their following

• Growing their email list

• Or getting more traffic to their business

Ideally, doing all 3.

So first off, you need to learn how to grow your own social media first.

Because a ghostwriter who doesn’t know how to grow a social media following is like a fat personal trainer.

Step 2) Choose 1 Social Media Platform To Create On

I recommend X (AKA Twitter) because it forces you to write concisely.

And once you become skilled at writing on there, you can repurpose your content on Instagram, LinkedIn, and short-form video scripts.

The people on Twitter are also based.

Step 3) Figure Out Your Content (carefully)

Figure out the content you want to create social media.

You don’t need to only talk about ghostwriting on your account to get ghostwriting clients.

If you can grow a social media following within whatever topic you want to talk about, that’s enough credibility to land clients.

But this is the #1 mistake I see beginners make with social media, so listen up:

Creating fluffy and broad motivational content instead of creating content your interested in that solves peoples problems or helps them reach a desired outcome.

You want to pick a topic that interests you because you’re going to enjoy creating content, making it 10x easier to grow.

And you want to create content that solves their problems or helps them achieve their desires.

Because whether you and I admit it, we’re selfish.

We are 100x more likely to follow and buy from people who serve our self-interests.

For example, you may enjoy Peruvian throat singing, but that might be a topic that’s hard to grow your account with on social media because not many are interested in that.

So, think about the problems people have that you want to solve.

Fitness content helping people lose weight?

Dating content improving people’s relationships?

Business content making people money?

You don’t need to be an expert, just continuously educate yourself and help others a few steps behind you.

Step 3) Create your profile

Your profile photo should be a high-quality headshot of you.

Like these:

You can keep your bio simple, like “Posts on X, Y, and Z.”

Then follow up with anything backing up your competence.

If you have nothing to back up your competence, just take people on the journey with you.

Like “Sharing insights on my journey to $10K a month as a social media ghostwriter.”

Step 4) Post

Post 1-3 times a day. You need to post at least once a day.

Adopt the mindset that if you don’t post every single day, your head explodes.

Like, legit.

Brain matter everywhere.

The old lady next to you will be traumatized.

At least 1 of your posts should be an actionable piece of content.

Include content that shares your story, personality, and opinions.

The actionable piece of content will deliver value while the personal content will create relatability.

Step 5) Make your list (and check it twice)

Make a list of 100 people who have the audience you want.

Then make it a daily habit to comment 25+ of these accounts.

This will get many of those accounts to follow you and build credibility while getting eyeballs on your content.

When you comment on people’s content do not just say “I agree.” Or leave an emoji.

Use the “yes and” improv framework and expand upon what the person is saying with your own experience and perspective.

Step 6) Create your offer

Once you’re growing consistently by 700+ followers a month, you can go ahead and create your ghostwriting offer.

An offer is what your client gets in exchange for what they pay you.

You want your offer to:

1. Be quantifiable (I’ll help you gain 1000 followers)

2. Have a timeframe (I’ll help you gain 1000 followers per month)

3. Be targeted (I help tech founders gain 1000 followers per month)

4. Have a risk reversal (I help tech founders gain 1000 followers per month or I will work with you for free until you do

But honestly, just read the book $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi and you’ll understand everything you need to know about creating your offer.

You can easily create a website for like $20 in 1 hour using a website builder like Carrd.

7) Create lead generation content

Lead generation content is anything proving your competence and shows you can solve your prospect’s pain points.

So why do we do this?

Imagine you have a cold and you’re at a food market.

And most stalls offer you generic food, like plain pasta or boiled vegetables, without knowing your needs.

But then, you come across a stall with a big sign that reads: “Spicy Soups for Cold Relief!”

You’re immediately drawn to it because it promises to solve your immediate problem.

The stall owner offers a free sample, which you love, and you end up buying a full meal.

That is exactly what social media is like.

The content that’s going to get you sales are the ones that solve your prospect’s pain points.

So what are the pain points of people looking for ghostwriters?

They don’t know how to grow their following and get engagement

• They don’t know how to scale their business with social media

• They don’t know how to optimize their profile for conversions

Create content that solves these problems.

Bonus points if you create content showing you’ve done this for yourself and other people you’ve helped.

Then at the end of the piece of content, prompt people to book a call via Calendly.

Step 8) Hop on a call

Once someone expresses an interest in your ghostwriting service, get them to book a call where you can see if they’re a good fit.

On the call, ask them questions about their situation, where they’re looking to go, and if you can help them.

Briefly walk through your process and the benefits, then pitch ‘em on the price.

Step 9) Onboarding

Once you close the sale, send a link to the client to book an onboarding call.

On that call, you’re going to allocate 1-3 hours recording an interview with the client so you can turn it into content.

You’ll ask questions on what they want to talk about, their story, and their experience within their niche.

Anything you can turn into actionable content and stories.

After the call, transcribe it with a software like Otter ai. It’ll be 10x easier to write the content.

Step 10) Deliver

Write the content and then send it to the client for review once done.

Once they approve it all, schedule the content and deliver solid results for your client.

Next Steps

If you want to get to $10,000 a month as fast as possible, you can apply for my 6 month Growth Ghost mentorship where I simplify the whole process with my curriculum, live calls, and community.

You can apply here to see if you’re a good fit.

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