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Dakota Robertson

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  • $50,000 per month Ghostwriting Agency Owner with a specialty on Twitter for founders, CEOs, and creators.
  • Over 500,000 followers across all social media platforms
  • Featured in esteemed podcasts such as The Futur, Stick Talk Podcast, and Darren Lee.


As an owner of a Ghostwriting Agency, Dakota Robertson brings unmatched expertise to the world of copywriting, especially on platforms like Twitter. Dakota has the unique ability to provide clear, concise, and actionable copy that stays away from unnecessary fluff. His perspective on ghostwriting is that it's like acting with words, which allows him to seamlessly mimic the tone and voice of various brands, making the content tailored and relatable.

Outside of Ghostwriting, Dakota believes in the power of physical fitness, often emphasizing "the future belongs to the jacked nerds." While he dedicates a considerable amount of time to his work, he also finds solace in traveling the world, indulging in PS5 gaming, and spending quality time at the gym.

Dakota runs a coaching/mentorship program named Growth Ghosts, through which he empowers aspiring copywriters and beginners. The program is designed to teach beginners how to develop their copywriting skills, flourish on social media and scale a Ghostwriting business to $10,000 per month.


Dakota learned copywriting by studying the greats and putting what he learned into practice. His copywriting skills and social media presence speak for themselves with over 500,000 followers across all platforms:

In addition, Dakota has given insights and expertise on various podcasts, which you can checkout here:

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