3 Best Ghostwriting Courses [From A Pro Ghostwriter]

Top 3 Ghostwriting Courses (From a Successful Ghostwriter)

In a world where everyone wants to become a freelance writer, ghostwriting is one of the most profitable (and underserved) niches.

You don't need to go to college to learn it, either. Ghostwriting courses give you all the info you need at a comparatively affordable price.

How I chose the best courses for aspiring ghostwriters:

Most courses kinda suck. That's the simple fact of the matter.

If the course curriculum only teaches you writing skills and basic fundamentals, you can get the equivalent on YouTube for free.

Spending hundreds or thousands on a course like that leaves you in the same position as college does: completely screwed when it's time to join the real world.

A good digital course will:

  • Teach you to write content for your specific platform
  • Help you understand the algorithms
  • Outline the ghostwriting process from a client delivery standpoint
  • Give you the resources to find a ghostwriting job
  • Outline the framework for growing a ghostwriting business
  • Give you access to a private network you wouldn't have without the product

If someone just wants to shill you a course, take your money, and leave you handing, they're nowhere near my top 5 list.

My 3 favorite ghostwriting courses:

  1. Growth Ghosts
  2. Ghostwriter School
  3. CSULB's Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program

1. Growth Ghosts

Shameless plug, here. But I’ve poured my heart and soul into the Twitter ghostwriting course I’m dropping in early 2024.

My Growth Ghosts coaching cohorts walked so this could run.

This course is designed to give you everything I needed when I was in your shoes.

  • My Followers to Dollars Framework — How to grow your Twitter following, monetize your network, and apply this to your clients
  • My Viral Thread Framework — How to write captivating tweets your audience and clients will love
  • The Growth Ghostwriting System — Client interview, content calendar, and VA management how-tos and templates
  • Offer Alchemy — The 5 elements of an offer, P&Ls, ghostwriting contracts, and all the boring stuff that comes with running a business
  • The $10k Sales Framework — Everything you need to know about closing new clients

All this, plus 10+ hours of video content and a private community of fellow ghostwriters to ask for feedback from.

My biggest focus is always on giving a personalized experience. If you’re serious about growing a successful social media ghostwriting business, this is the course for you.

Price: TBD (join my newsletter to be the first to know)

2. Ghostwriter School

Nick Pavlidis was a lawyer who wanted to ditch the corporate life. He wanted more time with his family, and more location independence. So he decided to become a ghostwriter.

He took a fully-managed approach to his clients' personal brands — blogs, social media, and even books.

When he created Ghostwriter School, his aim was to give you the professional skill sets he spent years developing, so you could escape your 9-5.

  • How to market yourself and your business
  • Important skills as a fiction writer, and how to navigate the publishing landscape
  • Fundamentals of social media and blog post writing
  • Tools and systems to create content faster
  • Generating recurring revenue and productizing yourself
  • Google Suite productivity and Trello project management training
  • Dozens of book, article, and social media templates
  • Access to an elite community of writing industry killers

His course also features multiple instructors, including award-winning entrepreneurs, high-income authors, and a CPA specializing in accounting for one-person businesses like freelance writing.

If you want to take a more traditional approach to your ghostwriting career, this is the course for you.

Price: $2,999 (+$97/mo for the community)

3. CSULB's Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program

For the best writers in the book-writing niche, one six-month ghostwriting client can pay well into six figures.

California State University, Long Beach's 3-month, fully-remote Ghostwriter Training program is the only one of its kind in the entire world.

I'm normally extremely skeptical of established universitys' ability to deliver true value, but this program is the real deal. Aspiring writers who value information from an accredited institution should go this route.

By the end of it, you'll have the resources to:

  • Model, plan, and launch your one-person ghostwriting business
  • Build a network of clients and referrals
  • Write books designed for high-volume sales

The best part is, you don't need a college degree to take this course.

Price: $7,400 + $575 month-long intro course

Which ghostwriting niche makes the most money?

Truth is, you can make money wherever you enjoy writing and can deliver serious value for clients.

As a "ghost" writer, there are actually dozens of routes you can go (maybe a copywriting course is the best place to start).

That said, social media ghostwriting is the easiest place to start. And that's exactly what I've helped 120+ others with.

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