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This Is Not Your Dream

Wake up.

Hit snooze.

Get ready.

Work for 8 hours.

Commute back home in slow traffic.

Turn on Netflix.


You were sold the idea that your 20s-30s will be the best years of your life. But you feel like another cog in the machine. You’re too busy working and building someone else’s dreams than pursuing your own.

You’re on autopilot until Friday, then the knot in your stomach arrives every Sunday at the thought of having to go back to work to start the loop all over again.

You feel trapped in an endless cycle. 

Meanwhile, the people you follow on Instagram seem to have amazing lives.

Wake up whenever they want.

Say whatever they want.

Live however they want.

You look up to them and admire their lifestyles. You know you’re smart and have all the puzzle pieces to be successful, but you don’t know how to connect it all.

You’ve tried things in the past like dropshipping but you weren’t able to stay consistent because it’s just so confusing. Not to mention boring af.

And in a sea of endless information on “how to make money online” you feel overwhelmed. You’re paralyzed because you’re analyzing what’s the best route to take.

It’s easier to stick to a job that’s tolerable.

But every time you log on to social media, it feels like the people you follow are at a party you weren’t invited to.

You’re the background character on the sidelines living in someone else’s movie.

By now you thought you would’ve had life figured out.

Traveling to exotic places around the world, dating beautiful women, and having crazy experiences. 

A life of adventure where anything can happen on any given day.

What if there was a way to break free from a life of settling and move toward a life of freedom?

A life where you set your own hours, make good money, and make the world your office?

A life where you wake up happy to work instead of feeling that knot in your stomach. 

With the rise of social media, this life is possible.

More and more people are understanding the power of social media and the benefits that come with it. And more importantly, wealthy people are understanding the power of social media.

They either want more status or more traffic to their business. But they don’t have the time or knowledge to grow their social media themselves.

They want someone to come in and do it all for them.

And they’re willing to pay $3,000-$5,000 per month for someone to write 3-15 tweets per day for them and grow their account.

Since this is such a new industry, there’s a high demand for ghostwriting, but a low supply of *competent* ghostwriters.

Making it the perfect opportunity for creatives who enjoy writing.

And with AI, it’s never been easier to start and scale a ghostwriting agency.

But how do you grow on social media?

How do you land clients?

How do you even run a ghostwriting business?

Well, this is exactly what I show you, A-Z, in my Ghostwriting program.

This isn't some generic copywriting mentorship.

You won't just learn how to write.

I’m not just going to show you the business of ghostwriting.

But I’ll also show you the art of growing your own social media. 

You’ll go from the person on the sidelines, to the person people watch on social media with admiration.

In the 6 month program, you’re going to get the exact roadmap to scaling your ghostwriting business to $10K+ a month and work anywhere in the world (without a writing or business degree).

No guesswork, just a clear plan to execute on with the assistance of myself and others in the community.

You’ll get all my writing, business, and content frameworks I’ve used to go from college dropout to $50K a month within 2 years.

You’ll get access to a community of like-minded people to go on this endeavor with. 

You’ll get direct feedback and accountability from myself on live calls so you have help at every challenge you might encounter.

Who is Dakota?

I show you how to build a high-paying creative business without doing work you hate.

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