Is Copywriting Hard?

Is Copywriting Hard?

Copywriting is hard. Many throw in the towel or, even worse, churn out bland, forgettable words.


Because they underestimate the craft.

They see words, not the strategy behind them.

But here's the truth: Copywriting isn't just a skill and if you know how to dig it's a goldmine.

The potential to make money in copywriting is there. We're living in a world driven by content, words that persuade, inspire, and sell.

Copywriting has helped me get to $50,000/ month as a Ghostwriter on Twitter.

is copywriting hard

Whether it's a six-figure salary or the freedom to travel the world while working remotely, the rewards are there for those who are willing to put in the work, learn, grow and excel.

How Long Does Copywriting Take to Learn?

The best copywriters are always testing and always learning.

They read books, study copy from the greats and then put what they’ve learned into practice.

After 1-2 years of writing copy, you can develop some solid skills.

Time and practice.

That's the secret sauce.

Write, write, and write some more.

Experience is the best teacher. The more you write, the better you'll get. Simple as that.

In a year or two, you'll look back and be amazed by how much better your copy has gotten.

What Are the Hardest Parts About Copywriting?


Picking a niche is like trying to understand what you want to major in college, difficult.

I’d encourage you to choose 3-4 which grab your interest and then start exploring them more.

Lucky for you, I’ve created a giant list of copy niches you can choose from.

My personal favorite is Ghostwriting.

If you don’t know what that is, check out this video I made:


Research isn't just Googling a few keywords.

It's a deep dive into the ocean of information.

You're digging in forums, conducting interviews, looking for insights, trends and hidden truths.

You're also analyzing competitors, understanding the market, dissecting the product.

It's time-consuming because it's like assembling a puzzle without the picture on the box.

But when you find those gems, those unique angles, they make your copy stand out.

Appealing to Emotion

People buy through emotion and then justify their purchases later on.

It’s one reason why copywriting is so important.

Emotion drives action. Tap into it.

They aren't buttons you press; they're complex, intertwined, and deeply human.

To appeal to emotion, you need to understand psychology, empathy, and the art of persuasion.

You’ll need to learn persuasion and psychology to create effective copy and that takes time.

Telling Stories

Stories connect.

They resonate.

They're human.

But when you tell a story that connects, that makes them see themselves in it, you're making them feel like they’ve known you their whole life.

Familiarity builds trust and trust sells.

Storytelling isn’t as easy as it sounds.

There’s entire art and science to it.

If you want to become a master storyteller, check out the book Story Worthy.

Getting People to Take an Action

You've done the research, appealed to emotions, told a captivating story, but now you need them to act.

It's hard because it requires a perfect blend of all the above, plus a clear understanding of what motivates people.

You're not just asking them to click a button; you're asking them to trust, to invest, to believe in what you're offering.

Sometimes it's a big ask, but when you get it just right, it's the difference between copy that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars and copy that doesn’t make a cent.

Wrapping up: Is Copywriting Hard?

Copywriting isn't just putting words on paper. It's breathing life into ideas.

Struggling with it? We all do from time to time.

Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone's chapter 20.

You need to keep writing.

You need to Keep refining.

And your voice will emerge.

You've got this. Keep pushing.

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