8 Best Copywriting Niches + How To Pick [2023]

Are you looking for the perfect copywriting niche?

I’m about to show you 8 high paying niches you can easily break into.

I’ll even show you the same niche I’m in that helps me land $12,000/ month clients.

8 Best Copywriting Niches

Here are the best copywriting niches:

  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Email Copywriting
  • Finance
  • Health And Fitness
  • SaaS
  • Dating

Direct Response Copywriting

The goal of Direct Response Copy is to make people take action. Your copy needs to compel strangers to buy products or services, sign up to newsletters or trigger replies.It’s used in emails, direct mail, social media ads, landing pages, long form sales letters and other digital marketing campaigns.

The best direct response copywriters make well over 6 figures per year.

Many of them team up with brands or influencers who send paid traffic to a landing page to sell products.

But this next niche is where I’ve made most of my money as a copywriter.


Imagine a busy CEO or Founder who wants to grow their personal brand or business on social media but doesn’t have the time or skills to do it.

As a ghostwriter, your job is to take over their account, write their content and schedule it out.Twitter is by far one of the best platforms to offer this service and it’s where people with money hang out the most.

If you can learn how to grow Twitter accounts, you can easily change clients $2,000-$10,000/month.

This is the niche I’m in.

It changed my life.

I went from college dropout working at dominoes to landing $12,000/ month freelance Ghostwriting clients.

I used to do all the work myself but now I’ve built an agency to fulfill the work for me.

I also coach Ghostwriting to beginners.

Many of the people in my coaching program have landed high paying clients and quit their 9 to 5 jobs.

My parents struggled with crack addiction.

I used to live in a motorhome as a kid.

I was a college dropout.

Here’s how I overcame it all and hit $50,000 a month by writing tweets: pic.twitter.com/wtBwYCYPDm

— Dakota Robertson (@WrongsToWrite) June 9, 2023

There’s nothing more rewarding than messages like these:

copywriting niches

If you want:

  • High paying clients
  • Creative work you enjoy
  • A shot at quitting your 9 to 5 in less than 1 year

I want to help.

Check out this video:

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is where you write blog content designed to get traffic from Google.

There’s huge demand for this type of content writing but SEO adds another layer of complexity.

Not only do you need to understand copy but you also need to understand basic SEO principles like on-page optimization and search intent.

SEOs want links and rankings. If you can create high quality content that can get them either of those, you can command higher rates.

Many SEO content jobs offer a per word rate that can be $60 per 1,000 words up to $500 per 1,000 words depending on your experience.Email Copywriting

This is where you write emails for businesses that drive more sales.

Email copywriting is broad and at first, you’ll probably want to niche down.

The two most popular niches for email copywriting seem to be ecommerce and info-products.

The competition is fierce but there’s plenty of money to be made once you improve your skills.

Ecom companies are easier to target but have lower profit margins so they may not be able to pay you as much as an info-product business.

How much can you earn?

That depends on your pricing model. If you’re skilled, a performance based model lets you take a percent of the profit.

For example, If your fee is 20% and you make them $100,000, you take home $20,000.


The finance niche has high earning potential. Especially if you write sales pages for big companies.

The topics in finance can get complex and I wouldn’t recommend diving into the finance niche unless your research skills are top notch or you have some existing expertise on certain topics.

For example, if you’ve done day trading in the past, you could work with day trading companies or creators who sell day trading info-products.

Health And Fitness

This niche is crowded but the most skilled copywriters can kill it.

You can write emails for fitness brands, sales pages and VSL (Video Sales Letters) for info product business owners.Ever hear of VSHRED? Him and his team made 300 million dollars in revenue running paid ads to weight loss courses.Despite the controversy he gets, there’s no denying that his team are masters at copywriting.

If you’re thinking about getting into the fitness niche, I’d study their ads and reverse engineer their copywriting techniques.


SaaS is another great niche to break into.

Founders with a following have a massive advantage over those that don’t.

For that reason Ghostwriting services are attractive to founders but webpage copy and SEO copywriting services are also in demand especially in B2B.

Software is one of those profitable niches that is evergreen and will continue to explode in the future.

Their businesses run on code and recurring subscriptions so the profit margins are high which means they have more money to pay you.


This is a huge pain point for a lot of men.

Many are miserable because they can’t get a date or keep a relationship.

The dating niche is filled with coaches and mentors who sell info products with high profit margins.

Many of them need freelance writer for their sales pages or someone to Ghostwrite for them on social media.

Which Copywriting Niche Should You Choose?

That depends on your unique situation.

What are your interests and passions?

What kind of experience do you have?

If you enjoy tech and you’ve worked at a startup, SaaS could be the right niche market for you to specialize in.

Personally, I didn’t choose a market.

I chose a service, Twitter Ghostwriting.

How To Niche Down Your Copywriting Services

There are two ways you can niche your copywriting services:1. Type of Service

2. Market

Copywriting is too broad.

Twitter Ghostwriting was a sweet spot for me.

Could you niche down further?

Yes, by combining a service with a market.

An example would be Twitter Ghostwriting for SaaS founders.

This narrows our prospect pool but can make it easier to sell our service to that specific client.

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My Recommendation For A High Paying Copywriting Niche


Trust me, nothing beats writing tweets in your underwear and while making 10x more than people with degrees.

The internet has changed the game forever.

You don’t need to spend boatloads of money on a fancy degree to make a living.

If you want to learn how to scale to $10,000/ month, quit your job, live anywhere in the world, here’s a link to a free webinar.

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