Copywriting VS Content Writing

Want to know the difference between copywriting vs content writing?

I’ll show you 6 ways they’re different.

Copywriting VS Content Writing

Copywriting is focused on conversions.

Content Writing is focused on traffic.

Both copywriters and content writers should be knowledgeable about the niche.

However, copywriters trigger emotions, create immediate action, and turn curiosity into sales. Short or long form, their words are a call to action, urging readers to buy, download, or sign up.

Content writers play the long game. They drive organic traffic, inform, educate, and build trust through SEO-optimized blogs and articles.

Their words pave the way for purchase down the line.

6 Main Differences Between Copywriting And Content Writing

Here are the differences between copywriting and content writing:

  • Copywriters Make Sales, Content Writers Inform
  • Copywriters Trigger Emotions And Create Action
  • Content Writers Are More SEO Focused
  • Content Writers Get Out The 1st iteration
  • Content Writers Get Traffic, Copywriters Convert Traffic
  • Both Write Long Form Copy

Copywriters Make Sales, Content Writers Inform

Copywriters craft words to make sales, hitting the target audience's emotional core. They're all about the pitch, aiming to persuade and make that sale.

Content writers, on the other hand, are your tour guides. They inform, educate, entertain, or instruct. Their words build a scenic route, attracting and engaging you with trust.

They're not pushing you to buy, but they’re paving a road to get someone to purchase later.

Think of copywriting as the seller at a market, calling you over, closing the deal. Content writing is the sign outside, telling you what's on offer, why you might want it.

Copy = immediate sale. Content = slow dance towards trust, maybe leading to a purchase.

Copywriters Trigger Emotions And Create Action

Copywriters are the sprinters in the writing game. They want action, and they want it now – downloads, signups, you name it.

Using urgency and scarcity in headlines, they're shaking you by the shoulders and saying, "Do this now!" It's all about immediate response, triggering those emotions, and making you move.

Content writers build trust and position the brand as authorities. They're answering the "why this now?" but in a subtle way, focusing on engagement. Again, it’s more long term for them.

Content Writers Are More SEO Focused

They align topics with business goals, optimize content for specific keywords, and put those focus keywords in titles, headers, and body copy.

It’s both an art and science.

Finding a great content writer who knows SEO is tricky but worth it.

You can rank for hundreds of keywords over the long term to get more eyeballs on your products and services.

When hiring, check their portfolio for SEO success stories, give them a sample keyword, and see how they outline and build a piece of content around it.

Content Writers Get Out The 1st iteration

Content writers sort of create the rough draft.

Then once the rough draft starts to get traffic, copywriters come in and close.

Content writers might not have the same persuasion skills as copywriters.

While content writers can build trust through demonstrating expertise, copywriters are able to make tweaks that drive sales.

Which leads to my next point.

Content Writers Get Traffic, Copywriters Convert Traffic

You can think of content writers as shiny objects, drawing people in.

They drive organic traffic, using SEO content to make people stop and look.

Copywriters? They're the persuasive salespeople inside, converting traffic into sales. They're the hustlers, turning that look into a buy.

Rarely, you find someone who's a whiz at both - but if you do it's like catching lightning in a bottle.

Content writers get 'em in the door; copywriters close the deal.

Content for traffic. Copy for conversion.

Both Write Long Form Copy

This is where the lines between copywriters and content writers get a little blurry.

Copywriters can write those long-form sales pages that hook you in, making you scroll till the end.

But a best copywriter can also whip up short-form content on social media that gets eyeballs.

The best copywriters know what makes people tick and they can use their psychology skills to game social media algorithms.

Content writers focus more on long form copy like blog posts.

Can they write short form content?

Sure but it might not hit as hard as a skilled copywriter.

Both also need to invoice clients and set up freelance copywriting agreements.

Wrapping Up: Copywriting VS Content Writing

You can be both a great copywriter and content writer.

If you can write copy that gets traffic from search engines and convert customers, clients will pay top dollar.

Also checkout copywriting vs technical writing.

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