5 Copywriting Prompts That Will Get You To $10K per Month

Looking for the best copywriting prompts?

Here are 5 you can copy and paste to help you build an online copywriting business that does at least $10,000 per month.

First, Do You Choose ChatGPT Or Bard?

Before we dive into these copywriting prompts, you need to choose which AI tool you want to use.

I recommend using chatGPT but there’s a lag when it comes to it being trained on the latest and greatest information.

If you’re writing copy about a fresh topic, you might want to use Google Bard.

The more specific you can be with these copywriting prompts, the better the output. If you only give AI one sentence of information, your outputs are going to be too vague.

A word of advice before we start:

Learn to write and use chatGPT.

chatGPT can’t replace your skills and stories.

Prompt 1: Picking A Niche

Act as a business coach who specializes in online marketing. Your task is to create a list of the best {niche} sub-niches. Rank them from most profitable to least profitable.


  • {niche} = copywriting
copywriting prompts picking a niche

Why I like this prompt:

In order to stand out in a sea of people online, I think it’s best to pick a sub-niche. To try and master all forms of copywriting will take forever. But if you choose a sub-niche you can achieve expertise in less than 1-2 years.

I was able to break into Twitter Ghostwriting in less than 2 years and in my first few months of running the business, I hit $10,000 per month.

Prompt 2: Choosing A Market

Your task is to suggest profitable target markets for {sub-niche}.

There are 4 characteristics of a great markets:

1. Do they have money?

Consider whether your target audience has the financial means to purchase your offer.

University students might want ghostwriting, but most won’t be able to pay you what you’re worth.

2. Do they want your offer?

Ensure that your offer solves a problem or provides benefits that your target audience is interested in.

Agency owners are more interested in leads, wealthy people are more interested in followers.

3. Would they get value from your offer?

Ensure that the benefits of your offer outweigh the cost and address the pain points or desires of your target audience.

A prospect may know how to grow, but not have the time. Another prospect might know how to grow, but be bad at generating leads.

4. Is there a large enough market to go after?

Consider the size of the market you're targeting and whether there's enough demand to support your business.

You can hyper-niche down to lead gen ghostwriting for financial AI forex trading software companies, but it’ll be hard to find clients.


  • {sub-niche} = Twitter Ghostwriting

Why I like this prompt:

If you serve everyone, you serve no one and this is a great springboard for research.

AI will give you a list of markets you can target so you can craft the perfect messaging. It doesn’t mean you ONLY have to work with these types of people. You’ll find as you gain experience, other types of people will reach out.

Funny enough my agency's target market is Entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Prompt 3: Pain Points

You are Alex Hormozi and you’re using your knowledge from the book 100M offers.

You describe 3 eternal markets:

- Health

- Wealth

- Relationships

My focus is {focus}.

My sub-niche is:

- {sub-niche}

My target market is:


Your task is to find my target market's most painful problems and rank them in order of most painful to least painful.


  • {focus} = wealth
  • {sub-niche} = ghostwriting on twitter
  • {market} = Entrepreneurs and CEOs

Why I like this prompt:

It’s a quick way to identify your customers' pain points. It’s no magic bullet and it certainly doesn’t beat interviewing your target market but it can be a great starting point for quick ideas.

Once you deeply understand your target audience's most painful problems, you can start creating more effective marketing and sales pages to close deals.

Prompt 4: Handling Objections

I do {sub-niche} for {market}.What are their 5 biggest objections I’d need to overcome to close sales?

Rank these objections in order of most common to least common.


  • {focus} = wealth
  • {sub-niche} = ghostwriting on twitter
  • {market} = Entrepreneurs and CEOs

Why I like this prompt:

Your best way to close sales is to handle all your prospects' objections.

Again, it isn’t as great as interviewing the prospect but you’ll find most of the ideas AI gives you can be spot on.

Prompt 5: Writing Leads

List the consequences of {topic} that are relevant to {audience} in a clear and concise bullet point format. Please focus on emphasizing the consequences of loss rather than gain, as people are generally more influenced by their fear of loss.

Each consequence should be explained concisely and highlight the potential negative outcomes or risks associated with the topic.


  • {topic} = not doing seo
  • {audience} = SaaS founders

Why I like this prompt:

In psychology, there’s this concept called Loss Aversion.

It states people are more afraid of losing money than they are gaining it.

To write a better lead for a sales page, we can focus on the consequences of not taking action on what we’re selling. I found this persuades people to keep reading not just on sales pages but also social media posts.

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